Up For Adoption

Don’t shop, Adopt!



We are currently unable to verify if any available animals are “tame” or not and we will NOT meet up in advance to let you see the animal in person due to the current worldwide circumstances. We also do NOT ship any animals. The adopter will assume all responsibilities in regards to the animal’s temperament and will also be solely liable for any bites, scratches, or any other physical injuries inflicted by the animal. Please be 100% sure you are willing to accept all risks involved before filling out an application. Thank you.

To view any of the animals we currently have up for adoption, please click on the YouTube Link at the bottom of the page and look for our most recent “Up for Adoption” video. We will show what we currently have up for adoption and how to fill out an online application. Once we receive the application, we will do our best to review it within 2 days and get back to you with any questions we may have and/or our decision. Please keep an eye out in your Spam folder for a response from us just in case it ends up there and add us to your email address book to prevent it from happening in the future. Sex and age of animal are assumed, neither is guaranteed.

You must be at least 18 years of age or older to adopt an animal from us.