Unfortunately, with everything going on, we are not currently doing any public events or taking in any new animals. We have no idea when we will resume with either but please check back with us.



Most people’s first reaction when they see a lizard or snake is one of fear. That fear can come from a bad previous experience or simply from a lack of understanding when it comes to these amazing animals. We try and change that perspective during the many events we host throughout the year where we give people a chance to meet some of these often under appreciated animals in person. As an added bonus, our snakes give free hugs at all of our events! 







Looking for a new scaly friend? After we take animals in and make sure they’re ready to go to a new home, we put them up for adoption! Click HERE to see who is currently looking for a new loving family!



Donations can come in all forms and sizes. Not only are monetary funds needed to keep helping these amazing animals, but food, housing etc can be very useful as well. Click HERE to use our super easy donation form or to see what items you may be able to assist with.



One of the easiest and possible most fun ways for you to help is to simply donate one little thing…..your time! We can always use an extra hand at our events and since we are a registered NonProfit, you earn volunteer hours! Click HERE to find out more.



To help support the rescue, Lizard Laser Designs generously donates a large portion of their sales to us. They offer some great custom laser engraved/cut items.. Click HERE to find out more.





One condition we frequently see with animals we take in is called Metabolic Bone Disease or M.B.D. for short. One of it’s main causes is improper lighting and/or diet and it can lead to various deformities. In simple terms, their bones become so brittle that they break and heal incorrectly. This condition can’t be reversed but the animal can still live a quality life if cared for properly.



Reptiles for the most part are solitary animals. When you see what appears to be “cuddling” in pet stores or anywhere else they may be housed together, it’s actually a form of showing dominance. This behavior can actually lead to fights where one or more animal may end up missing limbs or permanently disabled. Those animals will need special care for the rest of their lives.



A reptile’s natural diet and environmental conditions can be a little difficult to recreate in captivity. The animal’s health can quickly decline if things aren’t set up in a way that benefits it. Proper food, heating, lighting, humidity, and even substrate all play a major role in helping them thrive. Luckily, there are many guidelines and resources available to help us along the way, we just need to actively seek them out.





Apart from our rescue efforts, we love allowing the community to get some one on one time with our educational animals. This gives them a chance to not only see some of these wonderful animals in person, it also gives them a chance to learn about how to properly care for them. For some, it’s their first encounter with a reptile and for others, it presents them with an opportunity to relive memories from their past if they may have had to get out of the hobby for various reasons along the way. We don’t handle any venomous species and most of our animals love taking pictures with people so don’t be shy. If you’re not comfortable holding them, we’ll gladly hold them ourselves and just let you “pose” next to them for a picture if you’d like. We love it when we see pictures of our animals pop up on Social Media! Some of those events are as follows:



Arctic Ape Wild Desserts has been one of our biggest supporters allowing us to hold educational events there once a month (except during our Winter break) that also serve as fundraisers for our organization. Visitors get to hang out with some of our educational animals and snap photos with them if they choose to. These events are a great way for the public to learn about these animals while getting some one on one time with them. It’s also a great place to stop by for awesome treats! Click HERE to see some pictures from these events.



We are fortunate enough to be able to work with PetSmart Charities and host Adoption Events within their stores. Check our calendar for details on dates and locations. Even if you’re not looking to give a reptile a new home, you can come hang out with some of our educational animals or visit with other adoption agencies that may be there as well. Click HERE to see some pictures from these events.



Business promotional events are always a great way to introduce some of these amazing animals to the public. We also often attend Private events with some of our educational animals throughout the year. These can range from school visits, corporate events, and even personal Birthday parties. To begin the booking process for any type of event, visit the “Contact Us” page. Click HERE to see some pictures from these events.