Check  our  “Calendar  of  Events”  section  to  see  where  you  can  stop  by  and  meet  some  of  our  educational  animals!

At Alamo City Reptile Rescue, we’re committed to helping the lesser appreciated animals of the pet world as an official 501c3 NonProfit Reptile Rescue located in San Antonio, TX. We’re also happy to help in other cities within reason. 

Reptiles are often purchased impulsively or without proper research into their housing requirements, lifespan, or diet. This often leads to their poor health or the owner giving up on the animal out of frustration. Too many of these wonderful animals end up abandoned and we hope to change that




Help support the rescue while trying to win some cool prizes! Visit our Fundraising page for details.


There are some new items in our shop that will help you show off your love of reptiles and help support the rescue at the same time. You can even add your own pic to a couple of the available shirts!


Working together with PetSmart Charities, we can now hold adoption events within various PetSmart locations. Check our calendar section to see which one we’ll be at next.

We can offer most non-venomous reptiles a temporary place to call home until a new and loving permanent one can be found. All animals go through a quarantine phase where their eating habits and temperament are closely monitored. They are also provided with socialization if their species tolerates it to make the transition into their new homes as easy as possible. If any signs of illness are noticed, they are taken to our vet. Once they are ready for adoption, all interested parties go through a screening process and if approved, fill out an adoption contract.

Hands On Experiences

We love introducing the public to these wonderful animals and do so at various events throughout the year. These range from promotional events/fundraisers to educational events, and even Birthday parties. Visit our “Upcoming Events” section to find out where we’ll be or use the “Contact Us” form to book us for your event.

Experienced Owners

Aside from our own experience, we have access to a great network of people dealing with various animals such as snakes, lizards, turtles, birds, and various small animals to mention a few. We’re always more than happy to even just offer advice when needed in terms of housing, lighting, diet, or even what type of animal may be the best fit for you.

Community Support 

Given that we are a 501c3 Non-Profit, every small amount of support we receive from the community helps us greatly when it comes to continuing our rescue efforts. Visit our “How You Can Help” and “Fundraising” sections to find out how you can contribute. You can also show your support by checking the “Events” section and visiting us in person.