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A Reptile Dysfunction

We take in animals for many reasons and most of them can be easily avoided. All it takes is proper research into the animal’s needs in terms of diet, housing type, proper temperatures, and lighting if required including lights that mimic natural sunlight. One of our main goals is to provide education on those needs and other requirements for keeping these animals healthy before they are purchased.

Metabolic Bone Disease

A condition we frequently see with animals we take in is called Metabolic Bone Disease or M.B.D. for short. One of it’s main causes is improper lighting and/or diet and it can lead to various deformities. In simple terms, their bones become so brittle that they break and heal incorrectly. This condition can’t be reversed but the animal can still live a quality life if cared for properly. 

Other Physical Conditions

Reptiles for the most part are solitary animals. When you see what appears to be “cuddling” in pet stores or anywhere else they may be housed together, it’s actually a form of showing dominance. This behavior can actually lead to fights where one or more animal may end up missing limbs or permanently disabled. Those animals will need special care for the rest of their lives.

PetSmart Charities

We are fortunate enough to be able to work with this great organization and host Adoption Events within their stores. We also have a couple of our educational animals on hand at these events.




Community Interaction

Apart from our rescue efforts, we love allowing the community to get some one on one time with our educational animals. This gives them a chance to not only see some of these wonderful animals in person, it also gives them a chance to learn about how to properly care for them. For some, it’s their first encounter with a reptile and for others, it presents them with an opportunity to relive memories from their past if they may have had to get out of the hobby for various reasons along the way. We don’t handle any venomous species and most of our animals love taking pictures with people so don’t be shy. If you’re not comfortable holding them, we’ll gladly hold them ourselves and just let you “pose” next to them for a picture if you’d like. We host a few different events throughout the year and will hopefully add more in the future, if you know someone who would like to have us at their place of business, have them reach out to us.

Arctic Ape

Arctic Ape Wild Desserts has been one of our biggest supporters allowing us to hold educational events there once a month (except during our Winter break) that also serve as fundraisers for our organization. It’s also a great place to stop by for awesome treats!

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