Don't Shop, Adopt
Some of our animals come from places where they've been neglected or mistreated.
Help give these guys a new, loving home!
Donate If You Can
Every dollar goes towards the expenses of caring for our rescues and helps keep them fed, housed properly, and as healthy as possible.
You can also help by donating one simple thing.....your time.
Come hang out with us and help educate the community.

Getting The Word Out

We've been fortunate enough to be able to spread the word about the rescue on TV. Take a peek!

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Community Feedback

"Alamo City Reptile Rescue has done amazing things for the reptiles in San Antonio, and really helped create a community dedicated to helping these animals.
I have been lucky enough to volunteer with them many times and their passion is just unmeasurable."

"We've adopted from and Volunteered for Alamo City Reptile Rescue. The animals are healthy and a great part of our family. Volunteering lets us give back to them and get out knowledge about some of the animals we love."

"My family and I love going to the Alamo City Reptile Rescue events. The volunteers and the people who run the rescue are very friendly and kind hearted. The rescue really shows people how amazing reptiles are. They provide education and interaction up close with different kinds of reptiles, an experience that many people wouldn't normally get. Many people including me and my family appreciate all that they do for the reptile community."

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Save Money!

We always try and provide anyone who adopts from us started off with discounted supplies and now

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