Help Save Some Scaly Friends

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Donation Total: $5.00


Instead of assisting with a monetary donation, we can also use the following if you have them available:

Dubia roaches



Other reptile safe insects

Mice and rats (All sizes). Frozen preferred, but we are able to euthanize

Supplementation (Calcium powder, UVB bulbs, other vitamins)



Heating elements (Under tank heat pads, heat bulbs)

Food/water bowls (All sizes)

Hides (all sizes)

Decorations (Plants, branches, etc)

Substrate (Cypress mulch, moss, oak leaves, etc)

If you’re able to provide anything on the list, please use the “Contact Us” form to arrange drop off. Thank you.


You can also show your support by helping us with some of the items on our Amazon Wish List. Just click HERE