About Us

In The Beginning…

Everything started with a leopard gecko that was gifted to me as a child. It became ill and eventually died and I blamed myself. Once I discovered that the cause of death was actually an internal parasite, that led me to doing as much research as possible into reptile care over the years. Along the way I met a few reptile owners, some breeders, pet shop owners, and people that work in the animal care field who all shared my passion. I saw many dog and cat rescues but never anything primarily reptile focused and the planning for all of this began. Once I felt I was ready, I kicked everything into motion and got things up and running “officially”.  Located in San Antonio, TX we do our best to assist locally as well as in cities within a reasonable distance. If you’re outside of our range, we may be able to direct you to someone closer to your area that may be able to help.


Aside from our own experience, we have access to a great network of people dealing with various “Exotic” animals. We’re always more than happy to simply offer advice in terms of care or even what type of animal may be the best fit for you.


Given that we are a 501c3 Non-Profit, every small amount of support we receive from the community helps us greatly when it comes to continuing our rescue efforts. Visit our “Donate” section to see if you may be able to assist.


We can offer most non-venomous reptiles a temporary place to call home until a new and loving permanent one can be found. If we don’t have the room or a proper sized enclosure, we may be able to direct you to someone who does.


All animals are provided with socialization if their species tolerates it to make the transition into their new homes as easy as possible. Their eating habits are also closely monitored to see if they might have a favorite food or one they dislike.


If any signs of illness are detected, we will treat them ourselves if possible. If it seems to be a major illness, we have a vet that is very familiar with reptiles. Any health issues will be fully disclosed before proceeding with adoption.